Private Label on Amazon

Looking to launch your new line on Amazon? We're here to help. When you have selected the product you wish to launch, below you will find detailed information on dimensions/weight necessary when "Adding A Product" on Amazon. When Adding a product, the "MORE DETAILS" tab will ask for the following...


Product Name Dimensions Product Fill (Net Wt) Total Weight (Fill & Packaging):
Facial Cleanser 1.75''x1.75''x7.25''  6oz / 177ml 7.5oz
Facial Moisturizer 1.25''x1.25''x6'' 1.7oz / 50ml 4oz
Facial Toner 1.5''x1.5''x5'' 4oz / 118ml 5oz
Facial Serum 1.25''x1.25''x 5'' 1oz / 30ml 3.1oz
Retinol GS50 Serum 1.25''x1.25''x 4.5'' .5oz / 15ml 2oz
Eye Serum 1.25''x1.25''x 4.5'' .5oz / 15ml 2oz
Pineapple Mask 1.25''x1.25''x6'' 1.7oz / 50ml 4oz
Pure Argan Oil w/ Lav 1.5''x1.5''x5.75'' 2 fl oz / 60ml 4.5oz
Body Lotion 2''x2''x7.5'' 8oz
Hand Cream 2''x2''x7.25'' 8oz 9.5oz
Body Wash & Scrub 2.75''x2.75''x7.25'' 16oz 1 lb 2oz
Aloe Vera Gel 2''x2''x8'' 8oz 9.5oz
Body Balm 3''3''x2.75'' 4oz 7.3oz
Face Stick 1.75''x1.75''x3.75'' .56oz / 17g 1.5oz
Lip Balm 0.75''x0.75''x2.8125'' .15oz / 4.25g 1oz
Lip Gloss 1.65''x1.65''x4'' .21 fl oz  1oz
Mascara 0.65''x0.65''x4.25'' .25 oz / 7 g 2oz
Mineral Makeup 1.25''x1.25''x2.5'' 9g 2oz
Biotin 2''x2''x3.75'' 30 Capsules 2oz
Lip Stick .75''x.75''x2.75'' .158 oz / 4.5g   1oz
Eyelash Grow Srm .75''x.75''x4.25'' .3 oz    1oz
Beard Oil 1.25''x1.25''x4.25'' 1 fl oz / 30ml   3oz
Lip Pencil 1.65''x1.65''x4.25'' 4g/.14oz 1oz
Beef Tallow 2.25''x2.25''x2'' 2 oz 5.4oz
Blue Tansy 1.5''x1.5''x4.75'' 2 oz 4.5oz
Face Scrub 1.75''x1.75''x5.5'' 4 oz 5 oz
Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1.5''x1.5''x4.75'' 2 oz 4.5 oz
Vitamin C Serum 1.5''x1.5''x4.75'' 2 oz 4.5 oz
Shampoo 2.75''x2.75''x7.25'' 16 oz 1 lb 2 oz
Conditioner 2.75''x2.75''x7.25'' 16 oz 1 lb 2 oz
Peptide Serum 1.25''x1.25''x5'' 1 oz 3.1 oz
Muscle Rub 6 oz 1.75''x1.75''x7.25'' 6 oz 7.2 oz
Muscle Rub 16oz 2.75''x2.75''x7.25'' 16 oz 1 lb 2 oz
Tanning Lotion 2.25'' x 2.25'' x 6.25'' 8 oz 9.5 oz
Eyelash Srm Apple Stem Cell .63'' x .63'' x 4.6'' .16 oz 1.2oz
Hydration Mist Apple Stem Cell 2''x 2''x 5.75'' 4 oz 8.4 oz


Helpful Detailed Instructions For Amazon Shipping

Packing your Boxes
Printed packing slips do not need to be placed in your boxes.
For safety reasons, boxes containing more than one unit must not exceed 50 lb.
A box containing one unit weighing over 50 lb. must be marked “Team Lift” on the top and sides.
Use only approved packing material
Label boxes
Print the full set of labels. Because each label is unique, do not photocopy, reuse, or modify labels for use on additional boxes.
All small-parcel delivery boxes must have shipment labels only, and shipment labels must not include other messaging. If you are reusing boxes from previous shipments, be sure to remove any other shipment labels or markings.
Shipment labels must be consistently placed in a way that is easy to visually locate, either on the top or side of the box. Side placement is preferred. Shipment labels must not be placed on the seam of the box where they can be damaged when the box is opened, which makes the barcodes unscannable.
Whenever possible, place shipment labels no closer than 1.25" from any natural edge of the box. The tape used to seal the box should not cover the shipment labels.
Approved containers  - The following are approved standard boxes:
Regular slotted carton (RSC)
B flute
ECT-32 (edge crush test)
200BH (burst strength)
Do not: Use point-of-sale containers or pallet-sized boxes (gaylords)
Bundle boxes together using bagging, taping, elastic, or extra straps
If you are reusing boxes, remove or cover any existing shipping labels or other barcodes.
Approved dunnage - Approved packing materials include:
Foam sheets or cushioning
Air pillows
Bubble wrap
Full sheets of paper
The following packing materials are prohibited:
All types of packing peanuts, including those made of biodegradable material or corn starch
Crinkle wrap
Shredded paper
Thermocol chips