Contract Manufacturing

Need help with a formula, label design or packaging? 

  • Fill out a submission form on the Contact Us Page or call 813-400-FOUR (3687). One of our sales agents will contact you to learn more about your product venture. 

General Contract Manufacturing Terms: 

  • 50% down, 50% due upon completion of your order 
  • Manufacturing lead time: 6 -10 weeks
  • 10% under / overage policy: Customers are billed for the exact number of units shipped. 
  • Fall out - Nardo's Natural is not responsible for replacing less than 3% of product shrinkage. This includes custom packaging, screen printing, labels and any components for your product development. 
  • Products ship when order is complete. Any storage of product after 1 month will incur $45 storage fee (per pallet and/or less). Nardo's Natural is not a storage center and will assist with shipping to a fulfillment/distribution location, Amazon, and/or chosen location. 
  • All customers must provide signed current sales tax certificate
    Visit our terms and policies page for more details: CLICK HERE

    Further Product Testing Options Available:

    • Micro Testing - 5 Day Process
    • PET Challenge - Method USP - 6 Week Process
    • Raw Material ID-IR Testing - Method FTIR
    • Heavy Metal Testing - Analysis: Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury
    • Method: ICP-MS
    • Accelerated Stability Study - Products are incubated within temperatures / humidity controlled chamber (40 degrees C chamber @ 75% RH). Samples are tested 0,1,2 & 3 month intervals following incubation. First results are provided at the 1 month mark. Analysis: Packaging appearance, weight loss, pH, Specific Gravity, Viscosity, Micro-Testing, Freeze Thaw, PET Challenge, Storage - 1 Year.

    Disclaimer: Please note formulations are natural bases infused with premium organic botanicals. Colors, consistency, texture, and aroma may vary with natural base products. All orders are non-refundable. For any manufacturing errors, Nardo's Natural will issue a full credit (minus shipping and handling costs) for future projects. It is our goal to produce the highest quality products and protect mother earth. 

      Want your products shipped to Amazon? If you qualify, we can assist shipping your products to the Amazon marketplace for no extra charge! 

      Private Label. White Label. Contract Manufacturing.